A Tale Of Two Cities







Chapter 1                   Five Years Later


  1. Why do the partners of Tellson’s Bank keep it so old and “incommodious”?


  1. What is the penalty for nearly every crime?


  1. Who is Tellson’s odd-jobs man?


  1. What did he throw at his wife?


  1. His wife is always “flopping” – what is she doing?


  1. How does Young Jerry disturb his mother?


  1. What are Jerry’s hands like?



Chapter 2                   A Sight


  1. What is Jerry’s errand?


  1. What is the charge at the trial?


  1. What is the Old Bailey?


  1. What is the punishment for treason?


  1. What is the air like that comes from the crowd?


  1. What is Charles Darnay accused of having done?


  1. Why are Lucie and her father there?


Chapter 3                   A Disappointment


  1. What has Charles (the prisoner) been doing?


  1. How much did Mr. Attorney General respect his witness?



  1. Are the lists in the prisoner’s handwriting?  Why is that supposed to be good?


  1. What will the jurors have to do (according to Mr. Attorney General)?


  1. Had John Barsad been in prison?  Did he admit it?  Does he cheat and lie?


  1. What is the motive of Roger Cly and John Barsad for testifying?


  1. Can Mr. Lorry swear a man on the stage five years ago was NOT Charles?


  1. Where did Mr. Lorry, Lucie and her father meet Charles?


  1. What nice thing did Charles do for Lucy?


  1. Does Mr. Manette remember it?


  1. How does Charles get off?  He looks like______________________.


  1. The defense attorney proves John Barsad is a ________________ and a ___________________.


  1. Does Sydney Carton look like a lawyer?


  1. What is the verdict?


  1. What are the “buzzing blue flies”?




Chapter 4             Congratulatory



  1. Lucie's father is a _______________________.


  1. Who is the only person who can cheer him?  Why?


  1. What is Mr. Stryver like?

(note: the wigs the men wear are grey and are supposed to add dignity and a look of age and wisdom to workers at the court. )



  1. How does Doctor Manette look at Charles?


  1. Who knew of Mr. Carton’s part of the day’s proceedings?


  1. According to Mr. Carton, what is his business? (note:  Charles and Sydney go to a tavern together.)


  1. What does Charles have?


  1. What does Sydney have?


  1. Who do they drink a toast to?


  1. What odd question does Sydney Carton ask Charles?


  1. Carton himself answers, what does he say?


  1. Then he asks another question.  What is it?


  1. Answer?


  1. Why has he been drinking?


  1. Why doesn’t Mr. Carton like Charles?


  1. What did he do to get through the night?



Chapter 5             The Jackal


  1. What kind of days are these?


  1. Mr. Stryver is  ______________,__________________and ________________but he was no good at what?


  1. Who does Stryver hang out with all night?


  1. Whenever Stryver has a case who is with him?  What does this person do?


  1. Who is the lion?


  1. Who is the jackal?


  1. What did Carton do at 10 pm?


  1. Why does Stryver call Sidney Carton “Memory”?


  1. What does Sidney Carton do for Stryver?


  1. What does Sydney do with towels?


  1. What was Sidney Carton like in school?


  1. Whose fault does Sidney Carton think it is that he has turned out this way?  Why?


  1. What did Sidney Carton do when he got home?





Chapter 6                   Hundreds of People


  1. How long has passed since the treason trial?


  1. Who else lives in the same house as the Manettes?


  1. What does Manette do for a living?


  1. What does he keep in his room?


  1. What is Miss Pross upset about, regarding Lucie?


  1. Miss Pross is not cute; but is she nice?


  1. Whose is the one man that Miss Pross thought would have been worthy of Lucie?


  1. What is Miss Pross’s reasoning as to why Dr. Manette keeps his shoemaking things?


  1. What does he do at night sometimes?


  1. What is weird about that one corner of their house?


  1. Why is the Chapter called “Hundreds of People”?


  1. Who came to visit?


  1. Briefly, what story did he tell?


  1. Who came to visit next?


  1. What does Lucie imagine about the echoing footsteps?





Chapter 7             Monseigneur in Town


  1. How many men does Monseigneur need to eat chocolate?


  1. What does each do?


  1. What is Monseigneur’s  “noble and chaste” fashion that they all emulate?


  1. Monseigneur would rather watch a Comedy than pay attention to what?


  1. What is his idea of life and its pleasures?


  1. Why had Monseigneur given his sister to the Farmer General?


  1. What are French officials like?


  1. What do fashionable women refuse to say they are?


  1. What do Convultionists believe?


  1. What is the comfort of this scene?


  1. From his carriage, Monsieur the Marquis asks, “What has gone wrong?”  What has gone wrong?


  1. What is Monsieur the Marquis’s reaction?


  1. Who calms the father?


  1. What did Monsieur the Marquis give him?


  1. What did he do with it?


  1. Who was beside the father?


  1. Doing what?



Chapter 8                   The Monseigneur in the Country


  1. Where is Monsieur the Marquis now?


  1. At the village a man who had stared is brought forward.  What had he stared at?


  1. What does Gabelle do for a living?


  1. Monsieur the Marquis stops at a cemetery.  Why?


  1. What does she ask of the Marquis?


  1. Whom does Monsieur the Marquis expect?


Chapter 9                   The Gorgon’s Head


  1. What is everything made of at Monsieur the Marquis’s house?


  1. What decorates the hall?


  1. Who visits the Marquis?


  1. How are they related?


  1. For anything Charles knows, his uncle my have expressly worked to do what?


  1. What does Charles believe is the reason he is not in jail in France now?


  1. Why does the Marquis hope he is detested?


  1. What is the only lasting philosophy?


  1. How long will fear keep people obedient?


  1. What was Charles’s mother’s dying wish?


  1. What does Charles renounce?


  1. If the property becomes his, what will Charles do with it?


  1. Who does the Marquis mention TWICE before they go to bed?


  1. What does the Marquis say after Charles leaves the room?


  1. What happened to Monsieur the Marquis at the end of the chapter?



Chapter 10                 Two Promises


  1. What does Charles Darnay do for a living?


  1. Where does he live?


  1. Whom does he love?


  1. Does she know


  1. How much late is it now? (What year?)


  1. What does Charles tell Dr. Manette?


  1. In what three ways does Lucie love her father?


  1. Does Dr. Manette know whom Lucie likes?


  1. What promise does Charles ask of Dr. Manette?


  1. What promise does Dr. Manette ask of Charles?


  1. What was Dr. Manette doing when Lucie came home?


  1. Why?



Chapter 11                 A Companion Picture


  1. The book says Carton was in a “very damaged condition.”  Why?


  1. What does Stryver intend to do?


  1. Rather than take Sydney Carton to dinner and let him guess, what does Stryver do?


  1. Sydney Carton says Stryver is _______________________________ than he is.


  1. What does Stryver say he knows that Carton doesn’t?


  1. How does Stryver say Carton as acted at the Manettes?


  1. Why doesn’t Stryver need to be agreeable as much as Carton does?


  1. What is Carton’s reaction to Stryver’s announcement?


  1. Why does Stryver want to get married?


  1. Who does Stryver say Carton should marry?  Why?



Chapter 12                 The Fellow of Delicacy


  1. Why does Stryver think Lucie would want to marry him?


  1. How does Stryver seem in Tellson’s?


  1. What is Mr. Lorry’s reaction to Stryver’s news?


  1. Stryver is ________________,________________and _________________.


  1. Mr. Lorry says he wouldn’t go unless – what?


  1. What does Mr. Lorry say goes before all?


  1. What will Mr. Lorry do?


  1. How does Stryver act later that night?  Why?


  1. Who does Stryver try to make look bad?




Chapter 13                 The Fellow if No Delicacy


  1. What cloud hangs over Sydney Carton?


  1. What does Carton often do at night?


  1. Who does he now go visit?


  1. What is the only thing Lucie can do for Carton?


  1. What does he want to believe when he recalls this day?


  1. Will they ever talk like this again?


  1. There is a man who would do WHAT to keep someone Lucie loves near Lucie?



Chapter 14                 The Honest Tradesman


  1. How does Jerry make money when not running bank errands?


  1. What comes down the street?


  1. What does Young Jerry say?


  1. What is Jerry’s reaction?


  1. What is everyone yelling?


  1. Whose funeral is it?


  1. What does the mob do with the hearse?


  1. Where does Jerry say he is going at night?


  1. When did he leave?


  1. What did he take?


  1. Who followed Jerry?


  1. Where did the fishermen go?


  1. And what did they do when they got there?


  1. How does Young Jerry know fishing went poorly?


  1. What did Jerry keep by him at breakfast to throw?


  1. What does Jerry say a Resurrection Man is?


  1. What is it, really?



Chapter 15:                            Knitting


  1. When did people start drinking today?


  1. What is the mood in the wine shop?


  1. Who arrived with Monsieur Defarge?


  1. What is the name of the mender of roads?


  1. Jacques 5 tells a story – what did he see as he was mending the road?


  1. What is wrong with the prisoner as he goes by?


  1. Where do they take him?


  1. What is Jacques 3’s nervous habit?


  1. It was said the prisoner might get off.  Why?


  1. Who presented the petition to the King and Queen?


  1. What is parricide?


  1. Why might the prisoner be executed for that?


  1. Where is the gallows built?


  1. What seems to lay across the town now?


  1. What will happen to the chateau and all the race?


  1. How do they keep a record of crimes against the people of France?


  1. Why does Defarge think the mender of roads should see the King and Queen?


  1. Why is he afraid of Madame Defarge?


  1. Where did they go on Sunday?


  1. What does Madame say she is knitting?


  1. Explain Madame Defarge’s last statement of the chapter.



Chapter 16:                            Still Knitting


  1. What color is the hat the mender of roads wears?


  1. What is the two-fold rumor in town about the stone faces?


  1. What is the name of the Defarges’ police friend?


  1. What news did he have?


  1. Who is the new spy?


  1. Who is in charge of the Defarges’ domestic affairs?


  1. What requires a long time? (it is the rule)


  1. Madame Defarge says Monsieur’s consolation has something to do with lightning and earthquakes.  Explain.


  1. What would Madame do if she sees the neck of an aristocrat or tyrant?


  1. What is Monsieur Defarge’s weakness?


  1. Next day, what does Madame Defarge have beside her?


  1. How is the Court like flies?


  1. Who walks into the wine shop?


  1. What does he say about her knitting?


  1. What is Monsieur Defarge's first name?


  1. Who does Barsad know that Defarge knows?


  1. What news does he have about them?


  1. What happened when Madame Defarge took the rose out of her hair?


  1. Why did all the women knit?


  1. Most knitters count stitches.  What do these women count?



Chapter 17:                            One Night


  1. When will Lucie be married?


  1. Why is Doctor Manette happy about Lucie’s wedding?


  1. What does he talk about now that he never has before?


  1. From his cells, how many bars could you fit across the moon?


  1. Briefly, what did he used to imagine when he was in prison?


  1. At 3 a.m. Lucie went to her father’s room.  Why?



Chapter 18:                            Nine Days


  1. Who is crying?  Why?


  1. Why does Miss Pross say Mr. Lorry is a bachelor?


  1. How does Dr. Manette act when he and Charles come out of the study together?


  1. How was he before Lucie and Charles left for Wales?


  1. How was he after they left?


  1. What does Dr. Manette do?


  1. How long was he like that?


Chapter 19:                            An Opinion


  1. On the tenth morning, how is Dr. Manette?


  1. What day does he think it is?


  1. Why does he think something might be amiss?


  1. How does Dr. Manette find out what happened?


  1. What caused it?


  1. Does he remember the nine days?


  1. What do Mr. Lorry and Miss Pross do at the end of this chapter?



Chapter 20:                            The Plea


    1. Who was the first person to offer Charles and Lucie congratulations?

2.            What does Charles notice is different about him?

3.            What does Sydney want Charles to be?

4.            What does he want Charles to do?

5.            Why does Sydney say Charles really doesn’t have an obligation to him for saving him at the treason trial?


6.            According to Sydney, will he (Sydney) ever do any good?


7.            What does Sydney ask that he be permitted to do?

8.            How often does he plan to do it?

9.            How did Charles speak of him later that night?

10.        What does Lucie later say about they way Charles speaks of Sydney?

11.        What is Lucie sure of about Carton?


Chapter 21:                                        Echoing Footsteps

     1.  Is Lucie’s child a boy or a girl?

2.  What is Charles like? (we know it by his footsteps)

3.  What is her father like?

4.  What is Miss Pross like?

5.  What sorrow did they have in their lives?

6.  How do the children feel about Carton?

7.  Why?

8.  What is Stryver’s life like?

9.  What did Stryver often tell Mrs. Stryver about Lucie?

10.  Does he believe it?


Chapter 22                                         The Sea Still Rises

1.  Why don’t spies come around the wine shop neighborhood anymore?

2.      What is the new attitude of men in caps?

3.      What new work does everyone have?

4.      Who knits next to Madame Defarge?

5.      What color hat does Defarge wear?

6.      What had Foulon told the people that made them so mad?

7.      What is the news about him?

8.      Who beats the drum to rouse the people?

9.      What pleases Madame Defarge about Foulon?

10.  How does everyone in the back of the crowd know what is going on?

11.  What happened to Foulon?

12.  Who joins him in his fate?

13.  What three things do they have on pikes from this day?

14.  Every voice in San Antione is changed –is now hoarse- except for one.  What is that ?


Chapter 23                                         Fire Rises

1.  What does the officer think his soldiers would do if he gave them an order?

2.      Whose fault is it that things are so bad?

3.      What are those who are at fault starting to do?

4.      A guy cam to talk to the mender of roads.  What was his message?

5.      When will whatever is to happen, happen?

6.      What did the man do all afternoon?

7.      What color had does the mender of roads wear now?

8.      What happened to the chateau?

9.      What did the mender of roads and 250 of his close friends do?

10.  What did the officers and soldiers do?

11.  Then what did each person go to their own house and do?

12.  Where did they get the candles?

13.  Had Gabelle been a good tax collector?

14.  What did the people want to do with the lamp by Gabelle’s house?

15.  Did Gabelle survive the night?


Chapter 24                                         Drawn to the Loadstone Rock

1.      Remember those echoing footsteps at the Manette’s house?  Who have they come to symbolize?

2.      The rich people did not rally read the Lord’s Prayer backwards.  What is Dickens really saying when he says that?


3.  What is the date now?

4.  Where do the Monseigneur and his class gather now?

5.  Why does Charles say Mr. Lorry should not go to France?

6.  Why does Mr. Lorry say Charles should not go to France?

7.  Why IS Mr. Lorry planning to go to France?

8.  Who will go with Mr. Lorry?

9.  What is Stryver talking with the Monseigneur about?

10.  Who is the only one who knows Charles’ real name?

11.  What do the French have to say about the new Marquis?

12.  Why doesn’t Stryver like the new Marquis?

13.  For what crime has Gabelle been imprisoned

14.  What did he really fail to do?

15.  And what does he ask that Charles should do for him?

16.  What is Charles going to do?

17.  How is France like a Loadstone Rock?

18.  What message does Charles ask Mr. Lorry to give to Gabelle?

19.  How did he inform Lucie and her father of his plans?  Why?